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Hi everyone!


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Hi everyone  :D  

I'm super duper new to ddlg and excited to become more familiar with it. I've been browsing this forum for months and now that I'm finally 18, I've got a real account! I can't wait to talk to become a part of his forum.

I hope to meet and become friends with lots of people who can teach me about ddlg  :wub:

Just a few things about me. You can all call me Jocie or Joc. My favorite colors are pastel pink, burgundy, and deep green. My favorite shows are Powerpuff Girls and Sailormoon, though I do watch some adult shows too  :p . I positively love horror movies, have for many years now. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, though I love Christmas too. I love to bake super yummy desserts and hope to one day open a bakery of my own. 

I've decided not to share any phots of my face for now >.< Guess I'm just a little cautious. Hope I get to talk to a lot of you soon!

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