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I'm Unununium, but the name I go by is Savannah. Daddy and I live together out in the heat of Texas, and have been together for five years (and are getting married soon Yaaaay!) We are pretty new to the community, and have been trying to make friends nearby as well as long distance. But recently we have moved around, and with new jobs it's been just a teeny bit difficult. 

Daddy has been my Daddy for a little over three years now; and it's been amazing. I adore him with all of my heart, and strive everyday to make him smile and proud.

I love video and table top games, animals, fishing, and lots of other outdoor activities. Hiking is a biggie for me; especially during the fall when the colors outside are so bright and pretty and the weather calls for sweaters 

And my favorite stuffed animal is Kitty; my grey, cuddly stuffed bunny.   :D

I really hope to be able to meet some like-minded people, and make some new friends :)


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