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I hurt my little princess a lot and I feel horrible about it :(

Guest HerDaddyDom

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Guest HerDaddyDom

I locked the topic, because me & my little worked everything out.


Thanks to everybody who replied here :)

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It's really hard to help and assess the situation without any knowledge of what happened. If you did something bad and said you were going to change but then did the same thing yet again it makes me question if you really did try to change or if it's just something you said to keep the relationship going. If that's the case then that's not fair to you or her because then you're put in a situation like this - where people are being hurt.


I would also like to add that in almost all cases nobody is 100% right or 100% wrong, there's two sides to every story and everybody play's a role. You both need to sit down and talk, have an adult discussion about what's going wrong and talk about how both of you contribute to this. Then, speak about things that can actually be done to attempt to mend things. Don't make promises, don't say empty words - actually discuss real solutions, things you can physically do to help the situation. Whether it be something like making sure you keep her needs in mind, or get counselling for yourself (not saying it's needed, I'm giving examples) just make sure you're actually, physically doing something because when all that's said is words and nobody actually does anything to mend a situation, the chances are it won't be fixed. 

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Guest daddy_zach

I do agree with a lot of the advice Patriotic Princess has given you. But..


I'm very concerned about these two sides you indicate that you have.

Sometimes people attribute their bad behaviour to an alternative side they may/may not have;

in an attempt to distance the self from what they've done wrong.


My question to you is: do you sincerely believe that you can change ? Is it possible for you ?

Or is your bad side actually an integral part of your personality ? If it is,you need to accept this unpleasant truth.


You clearly feel remorse and don't want to repeat your bad behavior.

But if you cannot change and be a consistent good daddy; then you may have to accept that ddlg is not for you,

and let your little go.


You cannot just 'be yourself' and depend on her. You have to be able to respect her needs and understand her.

She's putting a lot of faith in you. If you can't be a good daddy, then you need to walk away.. for both your sakes.


Good luck to you both.

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I feel like I understand some of what the OP is talking about, even without specifics. The biggest challenge in every relationship is always communication.

So let's say the problem was something sexual. Did you talk about it prior to trying whatever it was out? If not, next time ask. -communication
Was it just something that you said, that was interpreted the wrong way?- communication

Is she not comfortable doing certain things (sexual or otherwise) together yet? Always keep asking.-communication

There's all sorts of mistakes Daddies make with their little girls when it comes to intimacy and sex, and the best way to solve that is to be 100% open about what you want. It's okay to want sex with your girl. It's okay for her to want to wait. Be honest and don't try to trick your partner into anything. Just tell them what you want, and explain that you will always put her needs before your wants.

But also, yeah...more specifics could make it easier to give better advice. Best of luck to you in the future.

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I feel like I understand some of what the OP is talking about, even without specifics. The biggest challenge in every relationship is always communication.


No disrespect because I agree with most of what you said but I don't think communication should be viewed as a challenge. Sometimes it can be hard, sure. But a solid ability to communicate and discuss issues should be easy. I know that's not always the case whatsoever but I'm just saying. It shouldn't be normal for every relationships biggest issue to be communication, and it's not. Sorry I just thought I should say that because I just personally believe that if you can't effectively communicate with someone then you shouldn't really be with that person - because one way or another the relationship will deteriorate. 

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