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Hi! [Mommy Moomin signing in]

Mommy Moomin

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Dear forum members, 


I'm Mommy Moomin, a 36-year old mommy from Europe. I first became a mommy 9 and a half years ago, when my child was born and again in the start of this year when I met my girlfriend who turned out to be quite little herself. Being a caregiver is something that has been hardwired into me, one of my earliest dreams as a child was to some day have babies. I feel very happy and grateful for becoming a mommy for a second time in my life in a very different way and am enjoying building something precious and beautiful with my little princess. 


My life is very hectic. Being a parent of a 9-year old keeps you busy and I work full time, and starting this fall I will see if I can handle continuing my studies on top of that too.My little one is very eager to make friends with other littles and I too would appreciate getting to know other caregivers.


his forum seems to be a very nice community and I'm looking forward to participating in the discussions here whenever life permits. In time my little one might join in too. 


With kind regards, 

Mommy Moomin

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