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Greetings from Jekyll and Hyde

Guest DaddyWildWolf

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Guest DaddyWildWolf
I am Jekyll, I am Hyde, I am one person, I am two.

Have you ever wondered what Jekyll and Hyde would be like in the modern world?
Jekyll would most likely avoid any kind of risk while at the same time doing what he could to be a good person.
Hyde on the other hand would find people these days boring and predictable. A little chaos goes a long way. 
Their internal battle wouldn't change in the slightest, they'd just be hidden from the rest of the world, no need to involve others in such a war.

There are monsters and there are monsters, I'm the kind of monster that fights worse monsters.

Dramatics aside...

I am a writer and reality is my open book. I hope I can find a place here. Feel free to ask me any questions, I'll answer whichever questions I feel are fair questions. I am an honest person, but there are some things I don't just tell everybody.

Random Extra Info
I'm old fashioned though not conventional. One could say eccentric.
I do not believe in "open relationships"
I've never been married because I haven't found "The One" yet
I'm pagan/agnostic
I prefer cute over sexy
I am a pacifist unless given no choice

I am bi-polar... in case the dual persona didn't make that obvious... but as mentioned above, the battle is internal, no need to involve others in such a war.
I am a male Yandere (Which means when I love, I love obsessively. Take caution when approaching that subject with me.)
And lastly as mentioned before I am a writer, it is the only thing I'm good at.

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