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hi world


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Hi! I'm a permanently hyper little from England :) I've known about DDLG and been interested in it for a couple years but now I'm 18 so I figured it is time to finally join the community


Uhhh so I've pretty much always acted like a child and wanted someone to take charge of my life, so when I heard about what cgl is and what it means to be a Little it just fit instantly.


As well as being Little I'm also a sub and a pet. I'm also a MAJOR brat so be warned :D


I take dance and gymnastics classes, I love Disney movies, fairgrounds, rollercoasters, being outside, animals and music.


Oh and my little age is 1-5.

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Guest Mr.Stuffykins



First off

Woo! Congrats on being 18^^


Secondly, welcome to the forum. Im so happy to see another excited little join the community.


Anyways! I hope you enjoy your time here and make tons of friends !


Take care♡

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