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New little from Australia stopping by to say hello!


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*Shy wave


Hello Everyone, 


I'm a fairly new little from Australia. I have know about the DDLG community for about 2 years now, but its only been the last six months i have really started to to discover my little.

I am hoping by being here I can meet new friends that can help me find my way and explore DDLG further. My little age is 6 and i like to be called Pumpkin or BabyDoll until we know each other better. I can very shy when meeting new people, but once i warm up you'll find that i have quite a bratty and sassy side too which needs to kept in line with firm discipline. I'm not very good at being told no, but its something i am trying hard to work on...but I am a princess after all so i should be spoiled. 


The things i really enjoy is lots of arts and crafts. I prefer to create more than paint, scrapbooking special occasions is one of my favourite things to do. I also love to read or to be outdoors and garden, and if I'm allowed help with the cooking. I love animals, my favourite being puppies and I'm lucky to have two of my very own! My favourite Disney Princess is Ariel, because i LOVE mermaids!


Well i think thats enough about me,  I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone, and can't wait to be friends! Thank you for welcoming me into your community. 


luv BBD

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Hi. I am a Daddy from Australia. I am also new to this site and hope to find my little. I have 3yrs experience as a Daddy and love looking after my babygirl.


I would love to hear back from you.

Take Care Daddy xx

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I'm also a new little from Australia, and I'd love to make some friends so feel free to add or message me ☺ Ariel is also my favourite Disney princess, how great are mermaids?!


Hope to hear from you

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