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Just call me Bambi (:


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Hi there everyone, you can call me Bambi. I just created this profile today and am excited to explore it and be apart of the community!


I'm 22 years old, identify as female, and while in little space i rage from age 5 to 7 but generally lean toward the lower  :) 


I've actually JUST decided to join the dynamic a few days ago and have been exploring how it all works via Tumblr, and asked my Daddy to be my caregiver just last night, so we are both very new, but both very excited to see how it goes for us!


For me DDlg is not so much a kink as it is a coping mechanism. I suffer from anxiety, but am not extremely willing to be prescribed medication to aid me with it. My fiance (aka Daddy) and I were using similar techniques to regressing to help with the anxiety before either of us had even heard of DDlg, so this just seems like the type of direction we should be taking.


If you have any tips or tricks to help either me or my daddy in acclimating ourselves into the lifestyle please do not hesitate to do so! Thank you in advance!


~Bambi :wub: 


P.S. The photo attached is a photo of myself, and my favorite stuffie Jeffery! ( :lol: 



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Hiya and welcome to the forum!
I'm glad to see you're excited about being apart of the community! It's a very friendly community to be in :D
I hope you find what you're looking for, and make some friends in the process! 

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