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Veteran little here! Nice to meet you all.


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Hello fellow littles and Daddies/Mommies of the DDLG community,


Let me introduce myself so I can start officially making some friends and swapping ideas, thoughts and experiences on some forums. I am a long time lurker on these forums and finally decided to create an account after I saw some topics that I felt I could share some experience and support in.


My name is Mariah. I'm a 23 year old medical professional. I have 4.5 years of military experience under my belt serving in the US Airforce. I was discharged in October of last year after some medical issues kicked up and I was no longer fit for service. I trained as a dental assistant; eventually working my way up to oral surgery. I have a large variety of non-dental medical experience on top of that. Very different credentials in the military that allow you to go above and beyond what the same position are legally qualified to do in the civilian side. Keep me in mind for your post apocalyptic plans.


I have an English degree and photography experience. I am an avid writer mostly focusing on creating and preforming poetry. Reading is my other huge passion along with pole dancing, burlesque performance and music. 


I have been officially involved in the BDSM lifestyle since I was 18. I was immensely curious before that but was seeking out someone who was more experienced than I was; like a mentor, and ended up falling in a rough situation where my boundaries were not respected and I felt jaded. I stepped out for a couple years and connected with some friends in the lifestyle that brought me back into it. 

I recently found a partner who has shaped my idea of who I was and showed me my potential. As an alpha female; submission never came easily for me regardless of how much I received from it. 

I am in a healthy, happy dynamic that I hope will blossom and grow with me.    


I like to describe my relationship as a BDSM 'cupcake' with DDLG 'icing'. I have always been an exuberant little comfortable in my own skin. I

I hope to meet some like-minded individuals and make some friendships along the way. It's a pleasure to meet you all.   

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Welcome! Thank you for your service! I was in the Army. Don't forget to put some sprinkles on top of that cupcake! Edited by Buffalo
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Guest DaddyBuddha
Thank you for your service and hard work, glad you made it back alive. Hopefully you'll find what you are looking for here, that's a very interesting introduction. I'm a macro photographer myself, i just like showing people the small details they take for granted =) though it's been years since i grabbed my camera. All in all, welcome to the club, I'm sure you'll make lots of friends
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