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Tut tut it looks like rain!


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Yo, I'm rain please call. Me. That.



I'm an open book, so please feel free to ask me anything.

I'm a sub, and a little, I love being fisted, spanking session and drawing. You can usually find me. Out in a park or playing in the rain.

Yes I'm. A witch no I'm. Not Wiccan.

Right now my life is a mess, and I'm not... I'm not looking for anything that's set in stone yet. I'm doing long distance.



Um.... Anyways feel free to ask me. Stuff or come ask to play the question game.

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Guest DaddyBuddha

Ello rain, did you know water has it's own memory? Each time you go out in the rain you're subconsciously experiencing all that information. I hope your life gets better and better. Feel free to look around and ask for advice I'm sure everyone will be eager to help out.

Welcome aboard.. Witches do exist =)

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