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Hai ^.^ Im new here...


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Hai, im Mia, and im kinda new here. Ive been a little (or kitten) for a few years now, and I never realized until recently that there were forums for peoples like us! anyways, im not the best at talking to and meeting new people, but I'll try my best... (also, I like using "..." a lot, it doesnt mean im upset or impatient or anything, I just use it lots...). ANYWAYS, my favourite thing in the world would have to be anime (if you couldnt tell by my background picture.) I have a HUGGGEEEE list with all the anime ive ever watched on it.. umm... im also not the best at opening up to people, just so its out there ^.^, ive had my trust broken (both as a friend, AND in relationships) to be willing to give it out freely any more, but im still willing to try!! umm... anyways, I guess if youre interested in learning more about me, you can ask me? anyways, talk to you later maybe ^.^

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Guest Mittens

Hi....... And welcome to the forums. It is nice to have new members to the community who can chat and have fun. I used a lot of dots also, sometimes it's just thinking and thought before my next part, but a lot of the times it means I am bothered or affected by something. ^_^ Also when I use ;; after a emote face such as >_>;; ^^;;. It's nice to have you here, and I hope the best for you.



PS. I am sorry....

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