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English nymphet :D


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Hello  :)


I am terrible at writing concise introductions, but will try to keep this (sort of) brief


I am 29 years old, based in the UK. I have a fine art degree and I am a passionate runner, especially trail/off road running. I'm about to start a counselling masters, which will hopefully help me to help other, as well as helping me explore myself (including my little side).


I would probably describe myself most as a nymphet. I adore cute/vintage clothes and adore getting attention from caring yet stern older men. My husband is my own age, and is also on the submissive/little side, as well as being a masochist. When he is dom, his preference is probably for sadism rather than being the caring daddy type. This is something we have discussed in depth, but it is sometimes difficult to contend with.


I felt it might be useful to me to join a forum of likeminded and understanding people. I was pleased to see that the 'nymphet' definition is used here, as this is generally how I would identify myself. Right now I am feeling a little lost as to how I can adequately express this side of my sexuality, and indeed my whole being.


Thank you for reading.


Littleblondeone  :p

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Welcome, great and interesting introduction!

Thank you :D .


One thing I haven't mentioned is how long I've been into this. Probably for years in reality, but have yet to feel it has had adequate exploration. 


As for my little age - don't think I have an exact one. Probably 9-14, but maybe sometimes littler, sometimes bigger.

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