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hello !


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hi there ! my name is lyra, and i'm nineteen years old. i'm originally from hong kong, but currently live in new york city. i kind of explored dd / lg last year, but took a break due to stress from school / real life stuff. i'm a college student, studying communications and theater. i love to sing, act and write !! i also really enjoy watching movies, tv shows and musicals -- i'm looking to go into entertainment production, but have also considered becoming a stage or voice actress. as long as i'm able to entertain people in some way, that's my goal !!  


hm ... my favorite superhero is spider - man, and i love all the marvel superheroes, but i also really love disney princesses !! i'm kind of both a tomboy and a girly girl -- i love wearing shorts and getting my hands a little dirty, but i also love wearing dresses and drinking tea. does that make sense ?? i collect funkos, and i love my stuffies, and compared to most girls i know who are my age, i'm kind of a baby ... i prefer snuggling with my stuffies watching movies over going out on friday nights, and i'll take going to a theme park over going to a club or music festival any day.


anyways ... this is getting a little long, so i'll leave it at that !! i'd love to get to know all of you. 

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