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Hi everyone my names Adri & I've been on this forum since last year but never posted an introduction. I'm a 21 year old Sub/Little and been involved in the community since I was about 18 1/2. I go on tumblr a lot too (lilprincess345). I have a wonderful daddy who has also been my bf for a couple of years and we are happy <3 I introduced him to D/s and DD/lg but he responded well to it and after some time decided to take the dynamic further with me (he always had some dom-y qualities but had never heard of BDSM or anything before and we were both dating since we were younger (vanilla) until I joined the community and started to learn more and realize how everything resonated with me.) anyway we take things slow but also let it progress naturally with added healthy discussion thrown in the mix when things seem to slip up or are needed. As a little I identify *most of the time* between 4-6 roughly . Hard to put a number on it. I like pink,hello kitty & fluffy stuff like blankets and gold fish just like cute stuff. Sometimes I reach a little space which is somewhere around 13-16? Idk , it's more of a bratty-like thing though that I realized is different then my calm adult head . It's very subtle tho. Anyway other than that I like to talk and discuss and analyze all aspects of DD/lg, and BDSM in general I just find it interesting psychologically and I often wonder why we have all these reactions we do. Feel free to add me or message me just be nice and respectful thanks!
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