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Sammie Girl

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Hai,Ya'll! I'm Sammie. I created an account a couple of hours ago and have browsed through some topics, met some people through chat, and even made a couple of new friends. I have to be super honest in that I had no idea that DDlg existed! I always thought I was odd and would have never thought of sharing any of my thoughts/wants/needs, until I met my amazing Daddy. He taught me that I lead a life that is full of stress and I must always be in control and be incredibly strong to survive just day-to-day dealings however, with him, I am safe.


Daddy and I have not really age-played yet, but I see me at my happiest between 11-14. IRL I actually still played with my dolls through sophomore year in high school. I miss them, and I'm ecstatic to know that I don't have to anymore. While I think I'll love playing with my dolls again, I also really enjoyed coming into teen hood, and love to play with my now super extensive (and expensive) make up collection. Something that I wish I could have done at that age but wasn't allowed to do or could afford the things I like, at the time.


IRL I am a wife, mom, and have a rewarding but exhausting career, and I am soooo incredibly thankful to have found this community. Now the tricky thing to me will be going from RL to little/middle space... how do you just switch gears? That's what I want to know. Tomorrow we will try this for the first time. I have a beautiful outfit picked out, some coloring books (which I loooice coloring) and some teen movies that are silly and fun. Any advice beyond that would be grateful appreciated.


I hope you don't feel as though I've talked your head off!


Thanks for reading about me, and I'd love to hear from you.





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