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Heya Friendos!


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Heya, I'm Princess BoopleSnoot! I'm sometimes 22.


Most of the time I'm 6, and I'm here to meet some lovely people and make friends. ^_^      I love being a little, but sometimes I struggle to keep myself entertained and find fun things to do. I'm hoping being here will help me collect a few ideas too!


Being 6 is the best thing, I'm old enough to put on my own socks- but little enough that Daddy is happy to give me a hand when I ask. (which is most the time tehehe)


When I'm not playing video games or drinking milk so I'm a strong little one I'm playing roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder or tabletop boardgames! I spend a lot of my time out of little space running a whole universe for my Daddy and friends in those games! :D


Please drop a message here and say hello! Maybe tell me a bit about yourself in return :3   From your favourite colour to your most time consuming hobby, I want to get to know you guys!

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Heya :) 


Oh wow, being 8 must be so cool! I can't wait to make loads of friends, and have lots of fun giggles with them.


Pink and purple are the best colours, I think so. My favourites are those two as well! They look so cute together. 


I've never seen dumbo. I know it's okay in the end, but I have heard it can be a bit sad so I haven't seen it yet. My favourite Disney film is Lilo and Stitch.



What's your favourite cartoon? I'm trying to decide what to watch. I like too many! ^_^

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I think you should. It's nice watching them become a family and get along. :)


I like Adventure Time and My little pony and loads of others. I think they're all so cute and fun. 


I love baking! I bake all the time, I just don't like cleaning up after teehee.   I love making muffins and cupcakes, because they're the most fun to decorate I think.   I need to learn how to make cookies. Mine always come out the oven burnt. 


Do you like crafts and making things? I make cards all the time for my friends, and I'm in the middle of making my own stuffie bunny too!

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Oh I shall watch that then! :) oh I love my little pony too! Eek! Pinkie pie is my total favourite!! Who is yours?


Oh I love gooey middle cookies! Especially homemade still warm in the middle! Yum Yum!


Yes arts and crafts are high on my list of activities! I do something this way most days even if just a few minutes. It really helps me relax! I love sewing is that how your making your bunny? I bet it's so cute! I really enjoy most craft activities but I recently went to a pottery place and pained the cutest little baby owl ever! I can't wait to be able to go back again!

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I think that Pinkie pie is my favourite too! And then probably Applejack. :)   


Gooey cookies are the best, I like them more then the crunchy ones, I really need to practice haha. 


Same, I love making things, even if it's just a little drawing or some colouring. Mostly though I like sewing, and yes that's how I'm making my bunny! ^_^  I also have the materials for a puppy and a penguin for when I'm finished.     I would love to go to a craft place and make something with other materials. 



Oooh of course you can :D   yay for friends!


Do you have any pets? I love animals <3

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