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hi everyone! I'm new :)


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Hello! I am BabyCat. Daddy chose my name for this forum <3


My Daddy and I have been married almost 10 yrs and just this November, we began a Master/slave relationship. When I get around to writing my about me page, I will tell you how it saved our marriage.


Daddy and I are M/s by structure, but DDlg by personality. I am just beginning to surrender to being little. I tried to grow up too much and it put me in a dark and bitter place. Being little helps me remember to have fun and stay happy!


I like music and play instruments and sing. I like all things creative, like crafts and writing, etc.


Our 3 daughters allow Daddy and me a chance to do so many little activities, even in public. And I LOVE to dress little. 


Because it's mother's day, i get to wear my pretty pink dress with ribbons in my hair today!!!!


Anyway, long post, but i am glad to meet you and find a forum to make friends on that isn't full of yucky stuff if you know what I mean! Daddy and I are naughty,  but we don't need to see others' naughtiness! (Wink wink nod nod say no more)



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