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umm Hi guys


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I'm a 19-year-old introverted person who lives near northeastern Dallas, Texas. Normally im called spice or just Wolf. I have a great love for making things from welding, woodworking, to legos and making crazy but super functional machines. Despite many people claiming I'm a hermit, I love guns, hunting, off-roading, and all other outdoor activities as well as video games and Anime/Manga. I'm an all around highly caring person and have always been considered as very different but loyal and cautious. I'm a new-ish dominant CG/DD with only a year of heavy experience whos very talkative once you break through my heavy layer of shyness, and I'm a hugely nonjudgemental person. I'm not very experienced, but im very open to learning and I seem to be great at my role according to my previous little and I'm super understanding so feel free to talk to me if you can get past my complete shyness.

Currently, single looking for a Somewhat naughty submissive little. ;)


Currently in college going for a full suite of degrees while i can.

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