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helloo out there♡


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Hmm I don't know where to start.. I am a pretty shy person, and people make me nervous because I don't want to mess up my first impression. So I hope this is a good one because I really want to make new friends and meet new people who have the same interests as me  :wub:


I'm 19 and my name is Tea (tay-uh) there's suppose to be an accent mark over the 'e'. (: my little age ranges from 3 to 6♡


I am a single little right now but it would be nice to find a daddy, a really daddy who isn't in it for all the wrong reasons.. :unsure:


A little about me: I love anything baby blue and baby pink ^~^ I love cuddles, disney, animals, coloring, car rides, and spongebob!! I also like scary stuff even though it might give me nightmares, it's worth it I am currently a full time student and I also work as a barista  :p  Im pretty sensitive and I am a crybaby but I try o act like i'm tough (but most people see right through it). I know I can be a brat a lot of the time also but I can also be very sweet c: 


If you guys wanna talk sometime, please please feel free to message me or something. I would love to get to know youu ♡♡

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