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Guest SimplySean

  Well I'm Sean, I'm 27. I'm new to the ddlg community and am loving all the things I've started learning about it. I fit perfectly into the Daddy roll due to the fact that I've always been that "dad" friend.  When my last little first came to me about it i found it interesting so i started doing research and learned all about what it was and i just kinda took off after that. It made me feel needed and wanted i guess would be the best way to describe it plus the affection that comes from it with a little is also something I've always wanted.  I've got my own little tendencies but that's just who i am.

  I little none ddlg stuff.  I'm a big gamer Destiny 2 on the Xbox and WoW on the comp, not had to much time lately due to personal life issues and work but that part of being an adult  :lol:. I'm a HUGE Zelda fan as well lol.  Excited about the new Ixalan set in MTG and i can't wait to finally get started on making my dino deck, just haven't had time to do it yet.  Love to cook, it may not always be the best looking thing but i like to get to experiment with food making different things combining different flavors. Part of the dad stuff was the fact that I'd make sure everyone had there plates made drinks made and eating utensils ready, I'd even do the dishes and clean up before I myself would even eat lol. :blush:

  Basically just looking to talk to people who are into the same stuff as me. I've become an open book as of late so anything and everything is open to talk about  :D. Can't wait to learn more about ddlg and the experiences people have had in there journeys :wub:  

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