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Guest Cootie Cween

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Guest Cootie Cween


♡ This is a place to share everything related to Sims

Share photos of your Sims, their stories, builds.
Link your favorite creators, resource sites, and YouTube Simmers!


 CC resource links

thesimsresource (TS2, TS3, TS4)

sims4updates (TS4)

modthesims (TS2, TS3, TS4 )
Let me know if you want me to link Tumblrs with CC!


What you'll need to take the best photos :

Lighting mod (if available)
HQ mod (if available)

Hide plumbob & thoughts

Play in window

Play offline
If you need help finding these things, contact me with which game you're playing!



Challenges List
Sims 2
Sims 3
Sims 4

I'd love to see your little worlds.

Happy Simming!

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Guest Cootie Cween

This is Suzie, who is also a Little.
She lives in this super adorable house with her Mommy.
I'll upload more photos of Suzie, her Mommy, and their interior slowly as I edit them.



She really loves all of her toys, hehe.
I gave her the childish trait, so she is always playing with them!


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I've never had a Little Sim! I should do it as soon as the xpac hits March 31st! I've been waiting til then to play again. Maybe I will make her tomorrow though and get her and her Daddy established! That is such a cute ideaaa!!

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My papa bear and I love to play The Sims together. I usually choose a photograph of a house we like and then he builds it for us since he is the resident architect. I do the decorating with some input from him. We've been playing our current estate for some time now and I must humbly say that it's pretty amazing. I uploaded some gigantic screen shots of it because I'm quite proud of his hard work. The other house is our beach home which I sometimes believe I prefer over the main mansion. We're definitely more oriented towards development of the neighborhoods versus game play. When we do play the game we mostly garden and look for gems, insects, and other collectibles around the city.  :p









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