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Anyone love Num Noms?


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I love those squishy little characters that are recently all over toy sections in most supermarkets(uk).


Who else collects them?


P.S I hope you all know what I mean if not google it!

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Yes! I had quite a few but my cat attacked them so I bought some new ones today!

I like doing voices when I play with them and lining them all up on my bedside table in an organised fashion!

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These are all the nim noms and collectables I could find on a quick sweep through my apartment. I've given away loads of my repeats and there's gotta be at least 10 more caticorns and 20 more flapjacks in the cupboards and drawers + all the other repeats and misc ones. 

Sorry for the mess! Its the spare room > / / / / < 



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Great collection! I have nearly that exact blankie but mines a pale pink one


Thank you! I love surprise toys! Lots of toy dinosaurs too! 

I bought the hello kitty blanket and a darth vader one that come with plushies for daddy last christmas! he loves the cowboys sooo 

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