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Semi new dd - Needs Advise


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So I'm not completely new to the scene, but I am limited in experience w/jumping in/babysitting...


Situation I'm in:


I come from a d/bondage/s scene background. I've been with littles and its went real well in the past. I am a caring person. But coming from my background there is usually a element of sexual interaction involved. 


I met a lil (3-6) that was having problems with her dd always wanting to be sexual and not being able to get into her space... So after awhile I asked if she wanted to come stay at her uncles house occasionally to see if she could relax... I'm not sexual with her in any way and avoid being sensual as well...


She's shy and we are fairly new... I've set ground rules like that i will listen to her concerns or issues with her current dd but I wouldn't advise her on what she should do... because I have a vested interest and a skewed perspective on him (I've talked to him and hes a control freak and a douche)...


We've had several play nights now and she seems responsive and we seem to click... Shes shy to get into her space fully... and really I'm just asking if anybody knows a good way that I can adjust my approach so that she can get where she needs... 


I will say that we do have an exit plan in place in case she decides that she needs to end things for any reason as well as if I need to back out. We both know that we care about each other and wouldn't want to hurt the other if things go a different way.



So I guess the question is... Any advise for a fresh babysitter with a shy but eager lil..? What can I do to help her get where she needs...?





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