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Mommy dom somewhat new to the community


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Hi everyone, I'm Nicolette or Nico and I'm a 24 year old pansexual polyamorous trans hermaphrodite. I'm also a mommy dom to my babygirl and my little boy/puppy. I've been into bdsm and the kink community for years, but my littles introduced me to ddlg and I've only been practicing the lifestyle for about the past year or so. So I'm still a little bit new and I'm hoping to make some new friends and learn more about how to be a good mommy!


If anyone wants to add me on other sites, my tumblr is novayarizzo and my fetlife is also WolvenMistress. I'm also a furry but I haven't been on furaffinity in so long I've forgotten my login, I'll probably make a new one soon. Anyway nice to meet yall!

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