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hi, i'm dmarco! i am 19 years old and i am familiar with the DDlg lifestyle. I probably got introduced to it about 3 years ago almost.


i've always felt the need to take care of someone smaller than me, it makes me happy seeing little ones all happy and smiley. makes my day! but that doesn't mean i won't put my foot down when i need to of course, i love giving rules and i will always set rules to make sure you're taken care of, and that you remain healthy and happy! i always try to be fair when setting them, of course. 


a lil more about me: 


- i'm 6ft tall, mixed (i'm black & white. but my skin is pretty light), when i don't cut my hair, it gets really into a really poofy afro haha. I have green eyes, and if i had to tell you my best feature, i'd probably choose my voice. it's kinda deep lol


- i have been making music since i was in 6th grade (i'm out of school now, so about 8 years)


- i love clothes and fashion (anything art tbh, i love creating things)


- my favorite sport is basketball (i used to play it in school!)


- i love to play games with my little! any kind of game, it doesn't matter to me. (i'd let you win. little victories are always the cutest)


- uhh, I play video games sometimes, need more ppl to play with. (ask for my steam!)


- i love to watch old cowboy movies. they're my favorite. any old movie is amazing (80s & 90s) but black and white movies are really what get me going. (let's watch old movies plz & ty)


i'd really like to get myself a little, my urge to care for something small is getting bigger everyday! add me

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Hi Dmarco! Welcome to the forums. It's great that you took the time to post a good bit of information about yourself! Old cowboy movies seem interesting. I've seen a few on TV from time to time. 


If you're really looking for a little all for yourself I would recommend checking out the personals section of the forums! You can browse the posts and see if any of the available and seeking littles interest you, or you can make your own post! Good luck. :) 

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