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Hey all! First I wanna say thanks for stopping to read this.


I am not new to the BDSM life style. I have been in to this life for going on 7 years. I am however new to the DDL life style. I had a little about a year back and I really enjoyed being in control and taking care of her. I am however what people have called a switch. There are a lot of times where I want to be taken care of. I used to hide that side since most women I have met aren’t attracted to males who would rather be controlled then controlling. I am slowly coming to terms with it and I am always open for more advice. I’m not a little per say. I’d say I’m more of a middle. Anyway to cut things short I could really use any advice you guys can offer me. Thanks a ton in advance!!



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welcome to the forums! :3


I’ve met plenty of switches on here so it’s a great community in that regard :) we have everything! Myself I’m a switch (little/middle/Caregiver)


The best advice I can give you is to be yourself. You’ll find someone :3 browse the forums, and this is super important - be active. Reading is a great to learn, but in order to meet you gotta, well, interact.


Reply to forum posts. Add your own experiences.. come to the chat and hang out with us! Sometimes the chats hopping, other tones it’s um. Not. XD


And read the rules. So many don’t, so I’ll repeat myself.






*is guilty of not doing so when they first joined*


And have fun :3


Oh! Also, check out the personals if your looking for a partner or partners. :3



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