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Hi, I'm Rachael


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I've been reading these forums for a while now but even though I'm trans (MtF) & don't have a CG, I'd love to still be part of the fun, if that's cool. Even though I'm in my mid 30's IRL, I feel as if I'm a little/middle girl, about 8-11 years old. I really would just like to meet other littles & middles, I'm not really interested in a relationship as such but it would be nice to be treated like the girl I feel I am. I see this side of me as part of my personality rather than a fetish.


Favs of mine: stuffies (more than 80), kids movies & TV shows, music & photography. If you would like to see some of my ABDL related pics of my teddy bears & bedroom, they're here on Flickr.


I have known for some time now but only recently started to fully accept myself being this way (along with being trans). It's been a long road & still quite some distance to go.


Nice to be here in such a great community online.

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