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:heart:  :heart: hi! this is my introduction post!  :heart:  :heart: 


im new to forums and kind of? new to ddlg but ive "dabbled" before.

my current boyfriend considers himself a daddy dom and i consider myself a little.. and we found this out a while after we started dating haha

i dont really get into little space around him except i kinda do because im kind of just always little?? before i told him i was one he would say things like "oh you're such a little" because i like childish snacks and i have a natural baby voice and just the way i act is considered very child like by everyone i know ^^

i dont generally call my boyfriend daddy unless its... in the bedroom.. heh BUT i am always babygirl. always.

i like spooks and all kinds of music and snacks and im very shy so please come to me to be friends!! or ill never make any.. lol

idk what else to say hm but if you're curious about me please ask!!

nice to meet you!!


:heart: , blue

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