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Hi! I'm a new user to this site, but I used to frequent it quite often as a guest.


My name is Heaven (literally, I'm not kidding!) and my little age is between 5 and 7, but I still enjoy pacifiers.


Both of my sisters (biological and her wife) know about me being into DD/lg and are big supporters for me. I was afraid to open up to them, but I'm glad I did.


I love dressing up my new dolly, coloring, watching My Little Pony, and wearing huge shirts around the house as a nightgown and my unicorn bunny slippers or fuzzy socks to feel little.


My Daddy and I have been together for almost two years now, and he's the best Daddy I've ever had. He's so understanding and supportive, and he's a very dom type of person. Like to the extreme. In other words... He's PERFECT for me!! He treats me like a princess. He'll randomly bring home flowers or little treats to me, he'll buy me cute things, and he opens car doors and doors for me all of the time.


My real age is 22 years old, and outside of little space I enjoy stimulating conversations with my Daddy, writing stories, listening to metal, watching the Philadelphia Flyers play hockey, and taking long walks. And naps. I LOVE NAPS!!!


I recently got back into my little space after months of battling with my Bipolar II, anxiety, PTSD, and psychotic episodes. I'm so happy to be back. It feels like home!


I hope to find myself at home in this forum like I used to. It's so great to be back! I'll be uploading a picture of myself soon!

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