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Hi, joining in if you don't mind :)

Guest Nada3925

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Guest Nada3925

I'm new to ddlg. I had a just talking relationship with a little and I got hooked by it all. Too bad she wasn't the one, but it definitely opened my eyes to something I didn't know I would like. 


My name is Jesus. Don't give me that look its true.  :)

I'm a college student. I love anime. Maybe that's were

my attraction to ddlg was born since.. cute stuff. Not a

lolicon though.(I think) I used to be athletic, sadly college 

keeps me busy from doing my favorites, Tennis, swimming

and taekwondo. (fyi: anime strategies do work sometimes)

People call me gentle yet complicated.. I at least know the

latter is true. idk what else to say lol.





In case you care: Nada means Nothing in Spanish. Meaning my username is nothing (and a few numbers).. but.. Since nothing last for ever, I shall always remain. 

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