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I hope I can get peace and quite in this place or I'll go mad


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Hello everyone,


I am Epistemology3, I am a want to be DaddyDom in my mid twenties and I live in the West Midlands (UK). I have been on a few ABDL like forums in the past but never really found an LG I could connect to. Too many LGs who act like a child when role playing then when they are not roleplaying they don't really have much else to say. I like to rule on this forum against woo talk, and calling everybody baby, cuttie and that stuff, it doesn't reflect too much on people's intelligence.


I hope I can get on in this place. I have been away from these sites for a good two or so years because of the major headaches I have got from them Too many people looking for arguments where there are none (like Facebook these days), just take a look at the thread on diaperedanime where this forum is advertised. Jeeze.


I am happy to have found out about this forum and I hope I will continue to be happy still in future. I say this as I have been a member of two previous ABDL type forums and as with all of them there is a honeymoon period where everything seems fine then boom, you get hit.


I like the rules on this forum. When I was young and first on the internet I didn't think rules were necessary but now after being hurt I sort of seek them out and read them.


I have had trouble in the past from forums where simply typing something that is not liked brings all sorts of criticism from trolls yet when I have reported on minors using the sites nothing has been done. I have learned that the internet is a hypocrisy run by sycophants. The people who run forums/facebook pages are unforgiving but show a different self to gain users.


Already I like this forum.


Many times I have seen cheating and big people collecting littles. That is so wrong. I understand that it happens and it has some route in finances. If I do not have a lot if money why would I want to commit to a relationship with a little, it is rather embarrassing to not have money and want to be in a relationship. Likewise what little would like to be in a relationship with a DD whom has no money? Many LGs have a sort of rescue fantasy, they want to be saved from the cruel world by a rich, morally perfect DD, and if that is their want I cannot change that.


This fear of money creates pooling of options like in any relationship. My mother's first husband didn't have much money so she cheated on him to spite him maybe in an attempt to coerce him into earning more money as though it was his fault. Not good. Pooling happens but it doesn't mean it should be accepted. I like that from the off this forum has decided to take action on cheaters. I personally think it is morally wrong to pool options and to cheat!


I know there are many LGs out there looking for a healthy relationship and guidance but don't we all need a healthy relationship and good guidance? I really mean it when I say I hope I can find some friendship and decent conversation.


Thankyou for reading.



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