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I've just joined so saying hello :)


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Hello there, some information about me I'm 23 and work full time in a primary school as a teaching assistant yes I do love my job :). I have been involved in the BDSM and DDLG comunities for around four years and I'm still learning quite alot so I'm no where as completely experence in everything nor do I clame to know everything.


I am looking for a little in the UK to look after, nurture, spoil on occasions and to call my own I am looking to start with an online relationship and see where things progress. I hold myself on honesty so I do expect the same back.


I am also happy to have a online little outside of the UK as long as the time zones are not to crazy as I love spending as much time as I can give with my little.


please feel free to message or ask me any questions

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