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Just bought toys at Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree!!


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I went shopping today!!

I bought a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer coloring book at Dollar Tree because it's my favourite Christmas special and Rudolph is cute :3

Speaking of which I have 4 plushies of him.

Also at Wal-Mart, I got 3 little tubs of Play-Doh along with the cheapest bag of dough tools they had.

I'm very satisfied with the tools x)

There's cookie cutter things, a roller, plastic knife thingy and this other contraption I'm not sure how to describe or what the word for it is. lol.

So after getting home I played with my MLP figures and made playdoh cakes and stuff for them.



What kindof toys do you guys have? x3

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I love my little Marvel Tsum Tsums!! I like stacking them:) I also have a toy lion rattle that's adorable.


I also have play-doh, only in blue and green though, but thank God it's so cheap so I can get more:D I would love to get tools and whatnot too, I have a plastic knife I use but with just that it can get boring pretty fast.


It's definitely not enough, I need more toysXD

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