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Little girl tigger says hello


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Hii all :)


I am a little girl who lives in the nederlands, I am looking for contact with other people who like to be a little one and with people who feels connect to be a daddy.

My english is not very well sorry about that.

I am 22 years old.


I love to colloring, singing, playing games together, watching movies, playing with my dolls and stuffed toys. I also can be very naughty and teasing, I love to checking the border and ending in real punishment. So I see it as a lifestyle not as a game.


When a man can control me then I have to let go and give trust to it, a man who loved my and care for me also :D


I just wanna get in contact with people who share the same feelings I have (since I remember) also other little girls and boys, mommy's uncles and other people I like to be in contact with


Greetings Tigger

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