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Hello! I am new to this forum and to DD/LG


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Hello! I hope this is the right place to post; I didn't see a general thread for introductions but I am just so EXCITED to be here and say hi! (I did see the forum thread for littles to talk to each other but I'm diving into some adult topics here so I didn't think it was appropriate for that thread.)


I have been into BDSM for about seven or eight years, but very casually. It has not been easy for me to find doms to play with. I identified as a "brat" but still felt like I was missing out on something. Even when I would play with someone and have a great time, I never felt quite fulfilled.


Somewhat recently I came across some info about DD/LG on reddit while interacting on their general BDSM sub. I was very intrigued and a little (heh) confused. Some of it seemed very appealing to me but not in a sexual way (I love Disney movies, the color pink, and glitter, and those fruit squeeze snack thingies are just amazing). Some of it was not appealing to me. Quite a lot of it turned me on. At first I was unsure if I was a little, but I did a lot more reading. I started adopting more of a little mindset and realized that this is absolutely what I was made for.


I also started dating someone recently and I have never felt so comfortable with someone right off the bat. I told him that I was interested in DD/LG and he had never heard of it, but he's been very supportive. Today we are coming up with rules (that's how I found this forum - the stickied rule post was SUPER HELPFUL) and rewards, plus things that put me in a little space. I started calling him Daddy almost immediately; I've always wanted a Daddy even before I knew about DD/LG and I can't put into words how amazing it is to have found someone who really fits the role. I feel so secure with him. 


A lot of guys have told me in the past that I put up "walls" and I'm emotionally closed off. That always surprised me, because as anyone in my life will tell you, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have like zero filter most of the time. But now I realize they were right; I was emotionally closed off, but getting to know myself as a little has really helped me open up emotionally. I hope that in turn this makes me a better/stronger partner.


Because I am so very new, I have a lot to learn still. If any of you have any blogs or other reading that you highly recommend, by all means, share away!


I'm really very excited to get to know y'all! I hope I will make some friends!  :D  :D  :D

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