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Hi Everybody!


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Hi everyone! 


I'm fairly new to DD/lg and the BDSM community but I got into this with my fiancee and I found a part of me I had been waiting ages to discover. 

I am currently a student in college where my fiancee is also a student. To the surprise of some people, I am a female Daddy to my Little Girl. 




I'm super nerdy, I love books, I love Spanish language and culture, and I love love LOVE cats. But more than any of that, I love my Essie.  :heart:

Feel free to add me and start a conversation, Kik me at lesbianjesus1, or follow my joint Instagram account with Essie at unicornpwincessa.essie! 


I'm super excited to be here and meet new people with similar interests! 


~Essie's Daddy

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