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Little from Texas


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Hi there! I live right outside of San Antonio, TX, one of my favorite cities.


My name's Heaven (hence my username) and I've been in the DD/lg dynamic with Daddy for over 2 years now. He's my first daddy, and I don't think anyone could do better than him. Although we're still learning, he's fully into it and ready to help me in any way.


In little space, I'm 5-7 years old and I love using my pacis and sippies, coloring, playing dress up with my dolly Avery, watching cartoons, and being in my onesie.


In adult life, I'm 22 years old, and a retired army vet. Bilateral pelvic fractures will do that to you. I enjoy writing poetry and letters, journaling, listening to metal and rock, and just hanging out and being comfortable.


I have Bipolar II, so it makes it rough to get into little space sometimes, but I'm taking a hold of it and letting myself get into little space. It's much more comforting when you're feeling down.


Both Daddy and I are in to bondage, and we have a S&M relationship as well. Me being the masochist, and of course him being the sadist. I would love to do a switch, but he isn't into switching.


Daddy works at the commisary on base, and luckily my retirement pension is enough to cover all of our bills and then some. I had to quit my last job because of severe anxiety,


I'm in the process of losing weight to be the little I want to be.


Sorry if this is a bit long or a little too informative! I've been a lurker on this site for a few years and decided to join. Everyone seems so welcoming!



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