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Hi I'm new on here, um I tell you my name but that doesn't seem like a good idea either I think! But I'm little, kind of new at it, I've been little since I was 17 and Im 19 right now sooooo. I'm still learning the ropes; I'm also a college student in San Francisco so I stay busy in my studies!!!Oh I have a daddy, it's pretty new but we're both still learning; I've known him since high school freshman year sooooo like almost six years and we've been together a little while (he's also in the army so he always like things his way but I call the shots lol :). He's very dominanting but he's a big teddy bear inside too, he's putty in my hands. But he's pretty firm and mature which I like and allows me to submit easier to him, I TRY to be good but I'm a pretty bratty little (though I am a HUGE crybaby).ANYWAY,  I like my teddy bears, eating, movies (scary, cartoons, comedies, militant, action, etc), shopping, makeup <3, talking to Daddy, cuddling, sleeping, spending time with family and friends, studying, coloring, reading, being little, being in my littlespace, cooking, listening to music, dancing, talking LOL. Honestly, a lot of things; but I joined this site to make more friends and gain a better understanding as well as advice about the DDL/DDLG lifestyle. So hopefully, I can make friends and understand better thanks for reading!

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