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Little looking for a friend


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Hello everyone,


I am a little who has been in the ddlg/cgl (whichever you prefer) community for about two years now. I've really only made one friend in all that time, since I'm not very confident in the getting to know you stage social interaction, and that person was my daddy, with who things are now officially ended. Hoping to make friends but completely blind at how to but willing to make the effort, hopefully learn from them too, especially since my daddy wasn't very forthcoming with info.


I'm 20, currently in college and live with my folks. I like anime (oldies fav), cartoons (can't pull me away from disney or barbie), I do plat a few video games, and I am a writer. 


There's a lot more to learn if you're interested. Please kik me @love4senpai as i'm on there more often than here. 


Hope to hear from someone


L4S :rolleyes:

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Hello and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here and find a lot of like-minded people! (by the way I named my pet Senpai for the sole purpose of being able to say "Senpai notice me" when he ignored me and I dunno just think it's pretty funny ANYWAYS)



Feel free to message me if you want to talk/have any questions! The forums can seem kind of daunting for a little while but I hope you stick with it and make tons of friends! Good luck! ♥

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