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DaddyDom in North Florida


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Hello Community! I am Mr. Johnny. I am a DadyDom living in Jacksonville, Florida. Although I now know I have been in this role for all of my adult life I only recently became aware that there are littles who really need Daddies to complement their own roles.I previously believed I was just a Dom looking for a sub. But as you all know here, littles are a special kind of sub, and Daddies are a special kind of Dom. So I am hoping to meet others who are living happily in this lifestyle to be friends with. And of course, I hope to find my own lost little girl.



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I have been doing a lot of exploration on this site and trying to learn all I can about the DD/lg dynamic both so that I can find the fulfillment of my own needs as a Daddy Dom and to fulfill the needs of an lg (which is the driving motivation within my own dynamic). I am quite surprised at how many of us there are, and incredibly pleased that this site exists to help us. I would like to thank the moderators who work to keep us all empowered to fulfillment and also to keep us safe and sane.


I read the informative post regarding the difference between Introductions and Personals, so I decided to re-post an Introduction to more fully inform the Community of who I am, why I am here, and what I hope to both give to and take from this Community. This will be a work in progress, so please be patient ... this is still somewhat new to me.


I just recently turned 59 years young. As far as my age goes I have some trepidations that I may be too old to realize my dream of finding my own little girl as a permanent person in my life. But the only resolution of that, I think, is to just keep trying. I have been fortunate to make some initial progress as far as meeting and beginning to talk with a limited number of girls. I am really only looking for one to whom I can commit wholeheartedly, but would not mind having a couple of others also as platonic friends. And, ideally, those girls would also be friends with MY girl because girls need like-minded friends besides their Daddy.


This is all I am going to write for now, but I promise to come back and continue this again (perhaps many times). Right now, however, a girl has sent me a message, and we all know that little girls should not be kept waiting too long ...


So I am back as promised ... I climb trees as a profession (which isn't bad for a geezer) and really enjoy my work. I work 4 15-hour days each week with Wednesdays and weekends off. It takes a lot of my energy during the week but it pays the bills with something left over for saving. This week I am off for the holidays through New Year's day. Using this first of the 2 weeks as a vacation - totally being lazy and doing only what I want to do. This has given me time to find this site and spend time reading, writing, chatting, meeting new friends, and getting into the dynamic mentally. When working resumes I will necessarily be here less, but hopefully my time here will be well spent.


What I hope to get from this Community is information, connections, friends, and eventually a DD/lg relationship dynamic. I think I am going to have to start with an LDR because I have no idea how to meet a Princess locally, although I will keep my radar up and running. I have met some cool peeps here already, and really enjoy the sometimes craziness in the chat room.


What I hope to give to this Community is friendship, support, and occasionally some sage advice as my somewhat advanced age and life experience supply. Anyone may feel free to kik me at Johnny7T virtually anytime, and I will connect with you as soon as I can give you the time you deserve.


Maybe more miscellaneous stuff about me later then...


This: I have wild bunnies (born in my utility room outside) who hop about in my yard. While cautious they are not afraid of me; they sometimes come quite close. I talk to them. They ignore me. Seems to work just fine for both sides. Hahaha

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Took the BDSM test. Here are my scores:


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==


87% Master/Mistress
87% Dominant
82% Daddy/Mommy
62% Primal (Hunter)
62% Vanilla
62% Experimentalist
51% Owner
47% Ageplayer
42% Voyeur
39% Rigger
37% Exhibitionist
29% Non-monogamist
25% Switch
12% Pet
8% Primal (Prey)
6% Boy/Girl
5% Slave
2% Brat
1% Degrader
1% Sadist
1% Submissive
0% Rope bunny
0% Degradee
0% Masochist


These seem pretty accurate to me ... except for the rigger part ... I do a lot of that in my profession, but little girls are not trees, and I do not feel the need to tie them up. I guess if they wanted that I could indulge them with something soft.


The Ageplayer rating is that high (I think) because I am more than willing to participate in my Princess little play. Not only is it good for bonding, it also keeps me young-minded.

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