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hello :)


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​Hi! My name's Pao, I am 18 years old andddddddddd im new to the site but i bet y'all can see that xp

I wouldnt call myself a little, id say im more on the middle spectrum butttt I'm still exploring this side of myself.

​I'm a reaaally reserved and shy person, I also get embarrassed easily, especially about this subject because I'm still pretty new at this >_< (I had to put together all my 5 am bravery to post this :p)

​My mother language is Spanish so I'm sorry if I made any grammar mistakes  :blush: 

This is also the first time I sing up to a cg/l forum (this is actually the first time I sing up to a forum at all lol) so new friends are always welcome! *glitter*^_^  :heart:  *glitter*

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