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Polyamory and Caregivers.

Guest princessyoko

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Guest princessyoko

Hi all! I am polyamorous with a monogamous Daddy! 


He is very respectful and accepting/supportive of my being polyamorous.

That being said, I don't just add random new partners whenever I please, we have been together *just us* for over 5 months now

and I am going to be seeking another partner in the near future 


The issue here is that he is new to littles - he has had the princess or "baby girl" but no actual age play experience. 

so he's just learning. Which is fine, I am willing to help him! 


However, I really need someone who is excited about the little I am and experienced and willing/able to provide that space for me! I have been a little for 3 years and always have had to teach my partners and they never were super excited or into it like those Daddy's who you know, seek a little one into age play & all that.

So *he* suggested I find a partner to also be my Daddy or Mommy, 

does anyone have experience having 2 Daddy's? I am unsure about how to approach a relationship w/ a second Daddy w/ out causing any negative feelings from my current Daddy.


I am not concerned about having a Mommy, I know he's easily okay with other women in my life with little to no jealousy/upset. 

But we had discussed him being the only Daddy in my life as long as we were together, and I had agreed.

He put that aside because he loves me and can't give me what I need, so anyhow...


Pointers on how to keep 2 people of the same role in my life feeling happy, needed, and not lacking or feeling not enough.

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I can probably help you with that question. I been in a 2 daddys and little relationship before. Feel free to message/add and hopefully i can help you out :) 
good luck! 

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Guest QueenJellybean

this is so old, but i was looking for more polya content to comment on! 


if you're still curious about this, bump this thread again because i'm currently in a dual caregiver polyamorous relationship with a babysitter, big brother type as well!

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