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Newbie daddy from California


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Hello community,

I'm a college student in early 20's looking a submissive girl. I actually just found out about ddlg community recently and fell in love with it. This is exactly what I wanted and needed. Id love to find out more about this community and get to know you more. Please message me or leave a comment if you're looking for a daddy. I wanna have a little sweet girl that I can take care of. I'm very responsible, kind, gentle yet controlling, understanding yet charismatic, respectful yet dominant. Again, I'm still very new so there will be some learning curves here and there but I am ready to love whoever my little will be. I also prefer someone from Southern California so we can meet physically often. I'm from San Diego to be specific.


Lastly, if you need someone with a lot of encouragements and complements, I'll be your perfect daddy. I can't wait to meet you my future baby girl! And nice to meet you all!

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