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    silly little brat seeking strict sweet PLAYFUL daddy (20 / nh)

    new hampshire nh brat little age regressor sub personal ddlg

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    Posted 07 January 2018 - 12:27 AM

    Age: 20
    Little age: 2-8
    Name: anna

    Pronouns: she/her
    Role: nonsexual age regressor, little, brat, and sub

    Appearance: 5'1, average build, longish dark brown hair, brown eyes, sweet chubby face (I look kinda young)
    Years experience (If applicable): 2 years of little space, but I still haven't had a ddlg relationship yet
    Location: NH

    Occupation: college student
    Sexual Orientation: heteroflexible
    Looking for: strict sweet PLAYFUL daddy who can happily take care of me in my fully regressed little space, and give me lots of helpful rules, but with a sadist streak and enjoys some brat taming for my bdsm/sub side (not really comfortable with LDRs, at least some proximity is important)


    In my full little space, I regress to any age between 2 and 8 - it's not ever an exact age, but I tend to guess what the age might be based on how I'm acting/feeling. But I am mentally a child, and it's completely separate from any version of "big" me. I can't really control myself in little space, there is lots of laughing and screaming and running, and if let loose in Toys R Us I can turn into a real gremlin. And I LOVE to play on playgrounds! Because I have never had a caregiver to take care of me in my full little space, I don't get to do it very often (I've felt it maybe two or three times this year) and that makes me super sad. I am the absolute happiest when I am fully regressed, and I think that not getting to experience it often has made me really stressed lately. Little me is silly and giggly and very affectionate, and ideally wants to be taken care of as you would a child of that age. At first I thought that running and screaming and having a short attention span made me a brat, but now I think it might be just part of my personality as a little... Of course, I'm sure I can be a brat, but I'll need a caregiver to explore that dynamic, and it probably won't be in full little space - that's more like DDlg, where I can be punished more traditionally for bad behavior, since bratting requires rule breaking.


    I like the DDlg dynamic as a power exchange situation - more on the side of BDSM and D/s than my little space. I am a little who wants rules that help with self care, like you would give a child - bedtime rules and nighttime schedule, rules about what I should/shouldn't eat, rules about doing my homework, etc - I want to feel taken care of and forced to do tasks that are otherwise hard for me (like homework and bedtime :blush:). It's semi hard to explain the split between regressing to a child and still enjoying DDlg and BDSM, but it's something I'll continue to try to understand about myself as time goes on. I know that I really really like getting spanked, and I'm also curious about other punishments, like writing lines, no sweets, early bedtime, etc. Sometimes I get punishment ideas from theruleset since I have quite the schoolgirl/daddy kink, and he does great OTK spanking stuff.


    Big me is a full time college student, and I'm a junior this year. I love to laugh and I am super silly. I love stand up comedy, listening to music (ALL kinds of music, but mostly alternative), going to concerts, spending time with friends, smoking weed, thrifting, partying, and watching funny videos/vines. I would describe my group of friends as being super artsy, since I have an arts background in school. I love to collect 90s technology and vintage pop culture fascinates me. I like to express myself.


    What am I looking for in a partner? Someone who can be playful, strict, take care of me, laugh with me, and do fun things with me! Sense of humor is most important, and I strongly value self expression so I tend to gravitate towards artsy people. I strongly prefer that my partner live near me and be between 18 and 30. Recently I realized that my ideal relationship is exemplified best in the Him & I music video (Halsey is one of my favorite singers, and they are so cute with each other in the video!) so you can check that out for an idea of what I'd absolutely loooove, if Halsey and G-Eazy were into DDlg, too.  :wub: 


    If you want to get to know me more you can check out my tumblr and fetlife and you can ask me any questions you have!

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    #2 Guest_LordJR_*

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    Posted 15 January 2018 - 12:08 PM

    Hi there! I saw that you’re looking for a daddy and I would love to talk. If you want to text me let me know so I can streamline all of this. but if you would rather get to know me first I understand. I am sort of new to the whole ddlg thing but I have been in one ddlg relationship. I’m a talkative and introspective guy, a student and I really like to travel! I am very loving and supportive. My biggest priority is to make sure my little feels secure and loved. If you’re interested add me as a friend and we should talk.

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    Posted 18 January 2018 - 08:43 PM


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