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Hai! I'z Kia. I'z 20 years old my little age is 2-5. I DO NOT wear diapers but i do use sippy cups and pacifiers and onesies and stuffs.  dis is stuff about me

Favorite Animal- Dinosaur
Favorite Food- Chicken Nuggets
Favorite color- Mint Blue/Green

Hobbies- VIDEOO GAMEEESSS, Singing, playing music, Skyping my friends
uhh i dunno what else. Feel free to message me or add me 

My other means of contact are as follows: ( I dunno if i gonna be on here a lot)
kik- littlekiaboo
instagram- _little_kia_
fetlife- princesskiaboo (I'm not there much either but its worth a shot lol)
discord- Rainb0wR3spawn #8304



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