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    Posted 12 January 2018 - 08:25 AM

    So, I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum lol So here it is where it should be ☺️ Also, does anyone know how to delete topics you’ve created..? Thanks!!
    Let’s all write a story together! I’ll start, and you guys chime in and we’ll add to each other’s pieces 😸
    Daddy walked into my bedroom and stopped short when he noticed I had my dress stuck over my head. He couldn’t help but to chuckle as he asked, “Dear, do you need some help?” “Eep!” I exclaimed as I spun around, startled. “Daddy, it’s too small! We have to send it back.” I had a pouty face going, but of course he couldn’t see it. He just laughed and came over to help. “I’m sorry, Baby Girl. I’ll be sure to get this fixed as soon as I can.” The soft pink fabric brushed my face as Daddy pulled it off me, and I blushed when his eyes met mine. My Daddy was wonderful. He had freckles just like me, blue eyes like mine and even red hair to boot. And his smile could melt a glacier... I stood there in my panties and stockings, slightly shivering from the cold room. Daddy saw this (of course) and immediately pulled me into his arms. “So what does my Princess want to wear today?”

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