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Just out of a longterm relationship w a girl significantly younger than myself. Me: 40, Her: 23. The relationship just naturally took on many DD/LG elements over the course of the eight months. We started w just a tad of dirty talk.. and, by the point where it ended, we found ourselves going into the headspace of caregiver/little more and more.


Altho, that's certainly not 'all' the relationship was. We definitely lived in the headspace of bf/gf most of the time. But she didn't treat Daddy very well in the long run... and he was so good to his lil sweety.. most of the time.


Now, I'm incredibly intrigued by the lifestyle... Want to learn more about it and meet new friends within it. Ultimately, I'd like to meet a new girl, age 19 - 25, who I can adore, take care of, give joy to... and discipline if needed.

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