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LittleLamb needs a little looking after <3

LittleLamb <(@)>

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Thanks for reading. 

This is a big step for me here but I feel safe since everyone is far away. I don't think I plan on being in a relationship here (my last one was scary) so I would just like to make friends and have nice DD/CG maybe check in on me as I pretend to be an adult all on my own :)



I would like to know what some of your healthiest habits are in your relationships?

What are things that bring you together the most? Favorite activities?


What books should I read?


DD/CG, What are some comforting things you would say to a lonely little as she heads to sleep in her fuzzy onsie, with her playful but protective puppy by her side?



I'm super scatterbrained and really excitable, thanks for reading!!


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