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Testing! Testing! Is this thing on?


Hai there all! My name is Kuma ^3^!


I am new to this site, not new to the scene.  I have been a sub for gosh so many years now that I think of it, but I guess I am fairly new to the CG/L scene, about a little over a year or two!


Anyways, I thought I would introduce myself!


Um, you can ask anything you like!

I am looking for friends in the community since I feel alone, even with my current daddy.


I am 21 irl, 5 to 7 when in little space.

I do consider myself a cub as well.

My little self is me being vocal, cute, playful, a princess/prince, and lovey.

My cub self is more when I am not vocal, more aggressive, playful, way more cuddly, and just being a lil brute!


Anyways, I hope to get to know some of you? o3o

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