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Guest PrettyGoldenPrincess

Hello, How are you?

 I suppose this is to be my introduction so I guess I should talk about myself? Well, my name is Adeina. Pronounced (Uh-Dee-Na). I'm of mixed race but not that it matters because everyone should be excepted no matter their orientation. I was born in Brisbane, AUS but I currently live in Eastern America. I'm 18! I'm vegan, I've been Vegan for a little over 7 months now but I was vegetarian for most of my life. I choose to become Vegan because I can't imagine having animals killed/harmed for my personal benefit. Why would I put dead things into my body when I could live off of living things? But, enough about that. I understand it's a debate topic within itself.

                    Sometimes I find myself lost in a world of little space. Especially when I'm really stressed because I'm a full-time student and the workload is insane. I want to become a vet so because I love animals so much. Especially Sloth's. They are my favorite, I mean...who wouldn't want to sleep and eat all day?! I have lots of pets myself. They all have such big personalities. (You can read which pets I have on my profile page.)

                My favorite things to do when I am in little space is to color. Mainly draw but sometimes I'll bust out my Prisma color pencils and "go-to-town."  :D I really like glitter stickers so I'll stick those on my sticker board. It's magical.  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  I have these amazing footy pajammies that have animals faces on them. They are so warm!!! I'll binge eat cookies and watch all my favorite Disney movies like 'The Little Mermaid', 'Aladdin', 'Cinderella', 'Princess and the Frog.' I'm sure you've heard of them. *Proceeds to sing "Part of your world." Look at this stuff....isn't it nea-* Dang it. On topic. Focus. Point is I just love to play and cuddle and be just little. Andddddd a tad bit submissive because I love doing what I'm told. -Shrugs- It's a thing. 

              I joined this site to meet lots of new people! I love having friends because then I have many peoples to talk to! I also joined to find a Daddy because I'm a little bit lonely. Hopefully, I meet lots of cool people!  ^_^ We could play games together and have lots of Disney Talk! Yippeeeee! Plus I have a little secret *I have cookies!* Shhh don't tell anyone!

              Want to know some random things about me? 

  • I graduated high school early.
  • I hate bugs.
  • Slimy things scare me.
  • I own almost 100 pairs of shoes.
  • My closet is the size of a small bedroom.
  • I have 2 siblings.
  • Oh, I'm crazy flexible. 

            Lastly, I'd just like to say that everyone is important and everyone matters. Don't be afraid to be yourself, show your true colors, and love hard. You are perfect the way you were created. Your presence on earth is as important as everyone else's. You are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. So don't let anything or anyone stop you from showing the world your smile of confidence.  :heart:  ^_^ 

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Guest Josemartinez128
Hello! And how are you! I am Jose and I stop by to say hello and i can be your daddy if you haven’t found one yet, you can hit me up PM here and we can start by being friends!
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